How to Get a Data Entry Job with No Experience

How to Get a Data Entry Job with No Experience

If you’d like to work in data entry but don’t have any relevant experience, you shouldn’t be too worried.

Getting started in a career in data entry can be difficult as it’s a competitive industry, but it’s certainly not out of reach, even for those with no data entry experience or qualifications.

How to Get a Data Entry Job with No Experience

The competition can be tough, but you can do it!

However, most data entry jobs will have many applicants.

These positions are highly sought after for several reasons.

Firstly, they often don’t require a college degree, so these jobs are open to more applicants than those that have stricter requirements, and secondly, many data entry jobs are work-from-home opportunities, making them very attractive to those who need to work around caring responsibilities or anyone looking for a second job.

But don’t let the competition put you off.

With dedication and preparation, you can build your skills and create a resume that stands out from the crowd, so you can get your foot in the door of the world of data entry, even without prior experience in the industry.

Become an excellent typist

Typing skills are a vital part of being a good data entry specialist.

Luckily, typing skills are quite easily enhanced with training.

You’ll find plenty of online tutorials and tests that will help you increase your word-per-minute score.

Remember though, it’s not just about how fast you can type, but also about accuracy.

Speed must never come at the expense of accuracy when it comes to working in data entry.

Your employer will expect excellence so you should also learn to be meticulous and precise as well as fast and efficient.

There are many free online typing courses.

Learn the most popular data entry software

You’ll find potential employers will look more favourably on someone who is familiar with the software used to undertake the data entry tasks, even if you have never used these tools in a work environment.

Most of the commonly used data entry programs are easy to get hold of and if you spend some time familiarizing yourself with them, this is an excellent addition to your resume.

Focus on understanding spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Even if you’re already a user of these programmes, there’s no doubt more you can learn, so why not take the opportunity to skill up?

Keep your skills up to date

It’s also wise to keep moving forward with your learning and expertise.

Keep retesting your typing speed and accuracy to ensure you’re not falling back.

Check out new versions of relevant software and learn any new features and functions. Being current and up-to-date is important in this fast-paced industry.

Get a qualification

There are plenty of relevant courses out there that will also boost your profile.

You’ll find courses for all abilities and of differing lengths to fit around your commitments.

There are courses developed specifically to teach data entry skills, but you could also check out qualifications for particular software expertise, computer programming or customer service skills.

These will all put you in good stead for presenting a great resume to a potential employer. 

Learn to focus and pay attention to detail

Data entry work can often have tight deadlines.

You might feel under pressure to complete your work fast, but you will also be expected to deliver work that is free from errors.

It can be tempting to move quickly from one task to another, particularly when you’re under time pressure, or you’re being paid per task, but it will be more beneficial for you in the long run to place your focus on accuracy first and speed second.

Always double-check your work and look for errors. Improve your proofreading skills, and remember the adage – more speed, less haste!

Get any experience you can

Any experience is going to be a positive point on your resume, so take any data entry work you can find to gain that all-important experience.

It could be a very short-term job that only takes a few hours. It doesn’t matter, it’s better than no experience at all.

Look at offering your data entry services to charities for free. Think of ways in which you could help local businesses handle their data and get in touch to offer your services.

While all these could be fairly small tasks, with little monetary reward, when you list them all on your resume, suddenly you look like you have a fair bit of experience, and it could mean that you get picked for a job above someone who didn’t take their job preparation to the next level.

Create a fabulous resume

A good resume is so important.

Find tips, guides and templates online and take your time.

Be sure to list all your relevant skills, qualifications and experience, and above all, double and triple-check your resume for errors.

A resume with mistakes is a bad move when you’re applying for any job, but when it’s for a position as a data entry specialist, a position that is focused on accuracy and attention to detail, a minor spelling or grammar error could actually lose you the job.

When you think your resume is perfect, we suggest showing it to friends and family to see if they have any suggestions for improvement, can think of any skills you have that you’re not fully showcasing, or spot any mistakes you may have overlooked.

Keep applying and don’t give up – you will get there!

The job application process can be disheartening if you keep getting rejected.

You have to remember that this is a competitive industry, but there are lots of data entry jobs out there, so you must keep trying.

Keep applying to as many positions as you can. Look at freelance opportunities, search as many job boards as you can find, and just keep going.

While you’re waiting to hear back, continue improving your data entry skills, or begin study towards your data entry certification.

Eventually, you’ll get the job you’ve worked so hard for, just keep persevering.

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