Is Data Entry Hard?

Is Data Entry Hard

This is a simple question that doesn’t really have a simple answer.

Data entry is often rather unfairly dismissed as being easy work that anyone can do.

It’s true that you’re unlikely to require any high-level qualifications to undertake data entry tasks, yet the job is often far from easy

In fact, it’s often very hard work, for a variety of reasons.

While a particular task might be very simple, for example, transferring messages from paper to an online system, or copying and pasting data from one file to another, when this becomes a full-time job, with zero tolerance for errors, the work certainly becomes tougher.

Is Data Entry Hard

It can be very repetitive

Data entry can be an excellent opportunity. Much of the data entry work can be done remotely from home, at times to suit you, so it’s excellent for working around other commitments such as childcare.

This also makes it the perfect job for stay-at-home moms.

The tasks themselves tend not to be overly complex or too demanding, and at first, it can seem like a breeze, however, over time, the repetition can become rather mind-numbing.

Whether this bothers you, will depend on your own personal disposition.

Some people prefer not to have to think too much or use their initiative, while others find repetitive tasks soul-destroying.

It’s no coincidence that data entry jobs have a fast staff turnaround. Data entry burnout is real!  

You need meticulous attention to detail

Completing repetitive tasks can seem easy, but when you have to be accurate with every single task, hour after hour, day after day, it can be exhausting.

That high level of focus, constantly maintained, can be surprisingly tiring.

When you first look into data entry work, you may have an idea of how many hours you can devote to it, but this can often change once you actually get stuck into the work.

Taking breaks is vital for your physical and mental well-being.

It can be very draining on your mind

Data entry can be good work for an introvert, but if you love interacting with people in your daily life, you could find the life of a data entry specialist quite difficult.

You will probably be sat alone at home, day after day, and for some, this can be tough going.

Again, it depends on the type of person you are, but for many, data entry can be a lonely job.

You’ll need to be both fast and accurate

There will likely be some expectations on the quantity of work you’ll need to deliver in a particular time frame.

When you’re up against the clock, it can be tempting to rush, and this is where errors can begin to creep in.

Unfortunately, in such a competitive field, many data entry workers are replaced when they fail to meet targets, or their work contains mistakes.

Working on your typing speed and accuracy is a great way to ensure you can work quickly and accurately, and you’ll find plenty of online courses to help you boost your typing abilities.

Most data entry work relies on good typing skills, so this is certainly something worth putting your time into improving, plus, if your job is paid per task rather than per hour, you’ll be able to earn more. 

It’s more physically demanding than you may realize

If you veer away from physically active professions, then data entry may appeal.

Perhaps you much prefer the idea of sitting at a computer entering data than working on a building site or being out and about delivering mail, but data entry can be physically demanding too.

Sitting at a desk all day can truly take its toll on your body.

Your back and shoulders may ache and when you have deadlines to meet, or you’re working long hours to increase your paycheck, you may skip breaks, resulting in sore muscles, and even weight gain.

You’re constantly having to learn new tasks

Much data entry work is short-term, or sporadic.

So you’ll either have to work for several clients or move from task to task within the same company.

While each data entry job may be simple, you’ll have to repeatedly learn how to perform new tasks.

A new client could use a different system and want the work completed in a different way from your previous client.

You’ll need to keep learning, and due to the nature of the work, you’ll need to pick up the new routine fast.

It’s pretty competitive so rates can be low

You generally don’t need a degree to take on data entry work, so there’s a lot of competition for each job.

Many jobs are flexible and can be completed remotely from home, opening up the position to a huge audience, from students looking for a little extra cash to moms fitting data entry work around childcare.

Of course, you’re also competing for the work on a global scale.

Imagine how many more people will apply for a work-from-home data entry position as opposed to a job in your local bar or café.

The odds of getting the work in the first place are massively reduced when you’re up against workers from around the globe, some of whom may be able to work for lower rates than you, due to a lower cost of living in their home country.

You may have to work to tight deadlines

Data entry work can be tiring, but you could be up against strict deadlines.

Sometimes you don’t realize just how time-consuming a particular data entry task will be when you agree to a deadline, and so you could find yourself working long hours, into the night and over the weekends, just to complete the workload in time.

Data Entry – It’s not always easy, but it does have its benefits

While we’ve outlined a multitude of ways in which data entry can be surprisingly hard work, it is still a career that can work well for many people.

If you need flexibility in your working hours, then it’s an excellent option.

If you find it hard to work outside of the home, perhaps you live in a remote location or have limited mobility, then data entry is a good choice.

For those who enjoy repetitive tasks, and have an eye for detail, it could be the perfect job for you.

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